Why Church Plant In Huntington Hills?

Vinh (Laura) Doan is a church planting apprentice in the Huntington Hills area of Calgary.


Early last year as I was driving along Deerfoot Trail in Calgary, I heard God ask me to pray for the area I was driving through, but I had no idea what area that was. As Laura (my wife) and I were driving back I asked her if she knew anything about the area God had asked us to pray for. Laura began to describe to me in detail of what she knew about the Huntington Hills area. Laura began describing the area as having a large gap between wealth and poverty; but what struck out most to her was the poverty side. She mentioned that there was a large population of immigrants in the low income complexes and the neighbourhood had a high crime rate. The truth is, my heard did not jump for joy but was downcast because I wanted to work and serve in an area that would be easy and comfortable – an upper middle class area.

After months of prayer, I was asked to come out to the area to investigate, to take up the sights and sounds of Huntington Hills and the surrounding areas. We came across a place called Oak Hills Estate, which sounds nice but truly is considered low-income housing. I saw old housing with dull coloured paint slowly peeling off through neglect but in the middle of all this, I could see the courtyard. At the edge of this courtyard I saw an old lady standing there in the brightest pink blouse I had seen.

Then I heard Jesus say to me: “there are a lot of guys like you who are church planting and they want to bring love, hope, joy, restoration and redemption to the places I have called them to but you will do none of that. See that old lady in the pink blouse surrounded by poverty and the dullness of colour that surrounds her, that pink blouse represents me. I have not called you to change this place but I am calling you to preach the Gospel. Preach me and they will see what you see, they will see me. Then they will see that I have always been here showing them my love, my hope, my joy, my restoration and my redemption.”

After this encounter with Jesus, we soon discovered that there are no churches in the Huntington Hills community. Our desire is for our love to deepen for this area.  Jesus has made it very clear to our family to plant a church and share His Gospel in Huntington Hills. Please keep us in your prayers.




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