Our Vision With A Purpose

The pulse of our movement is articulated in our prayer:


“O God, with all our hearts, we long for you. Come, transform us to be Christ-centred, Spirit- empowered, Mission-focused people, multiplying disciples everywhere.”


This prayer reflects the cry of our hearts as we desire to align our will with God’s in being set apart for His redemptive purpose in the world.

We envision that every church would enjoy the reality of making disciples who make disciples who experience release from darkness and all that hinders, the enjoyment of Spirit-empowered freedom and fruitful engagement in God’s mission to our world.

With a changing societal landscape around us, we remain flexible in responding to the moving of God’s Spirit as we move creatively in planting gospel communities among ethnically and culturally diverse peoples.


So What Does This Really Mean?

To place ourselves in a position by where God can use us, we commit to pursuing:




a) Create personal pathways towards transformational living


  • We do nothing until we pray – a vital prayer life will become a normative experience.
  • Our pastors will intentionally pursue spiritual & professional development.
  • A rigorous environment of growth and excellence will become an integral part of the District ethos.
  • Progress will be regularly evaluated & challenged for balance and effectiveness.
  • Personal Development/Ministry Plans will become one of the means whereby a prospective church will determine a potential candidate’­s suitability for ministry.

b) Ensure church leaders experience meaningful opportunities for health and well-being


  • It will be a common understanding that health precedes effectiveness.
  • Church leaders will give increased evidence of the fruit of the Spirit.
  • Greater fruitfulness and resiliency will become evident among church leaders.
  • Best opportunities for health and wellness will be pursued and communicated.

c) Facilitate transforming experiences for leaders


  • Our pastors will be significantly connected to meaningful leadership development opportunities.
  • Effective exposure experiences will be identified and facilitated.
  • Leadership pathways will be created to serve and strengthen the hand of our pastors.
  • Annual reviews will be conducted to ensure balanced Leadership Development.
  • Partnerships will be forged between Western Canadian District (WCD) churches, Ambrose, National Ministry Centre, Global Ministries and the WCD.

d) Celebrate life transformation throughout the District


  • A sense of celebration will grow throughout the District as we capture and spread the stories of God’s moving.
  • We will live with a spirit of expectancy of life transformation experiences.
  • Individuals will have a growing awareness of the diverse ways God conducts transformational work.
  • We will be experiencing Isaiah 43:19 (“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?”)




a) Develop practices that promote a culture of transformation


  • Leaders and churches will be encouraged and resourced to be entrepreneurial and creative in mission.
  • District vision, values and practices will serve the movement.
  • District coaches will annually check in with church leadership for encouragement and assessment.

b) Multiply transformational leaders


  • Transformational leaders will be identified in our District.
  • The culture of our District will develop and export transformational leaders.
  • A strategy will be in place to nurture and develop transformational leaders.
  • Teams of leaders (coaches/pastors/elders) will be mobilized to provide regional training and ministry support.
  • A culture of networking people and resources will become commonplace throughout the district.

c) Implement effective approaches to discipleship


  • Each church will intentionally be engaged in making disciples.
  • Each church will have identified a process to make disciples in their context.
  • A discipleship based social networking site will be available to all church leaders.

d) Engage in community transformation


  • Each church will find their place as a central part of their community/parish.
  • Each church will be known in its community as a place of hope and healing.
  • Each church will practice and demonstrate biblical reconciliation.
  • Each church will be known by the way we love each other. (John 13:34-35)




a) Facilitate a movement of church multiplication locally, nationally, and globally


  • Each church will participate in a multiplication venture at least once every five years.
  • An ever increasing number of churches will be taking the lead role in a church multiplication venture.
  • A disproportionate amount of resources will be invested towards planting the gospel among the least reached peoples and hard places.
  • Multiplication tools and resources will be collected and created.
  • National synergy will occur in establishing multiplication goals, strategies, best practices, and measurement tools.

b) Reproduce multiplication minded leaders


  • Multiplication minded leaders will be identified, affirmed, developed and released.
  • An ever increasing number of leaders will emerge who can lead church multiplication ventures.
  • Entry points will be provided for future church/gospel planters.
  • Assessment and personal coaching will be provided for multiplication minded leaders.

c) Broker partnerships locally, nationally, globally


  • An increasing number of multiplication ventures will be targeted towards least reached peoples of the WCD, Canada and the world.
  • Strategic meetings and relationships (missional hubs) will be facilitated.
  • Seamless links will be brokered and facilitated.
  • Systems will be developed that expedite partnerships with Quebec and Alliance World Fellowship.
  • Churches and leaders will have clear pathways to pursue multiplication partnerships and ventures.