What God Did At The Holy Spirit Encounter In Airdrie


“I am going to send you what my Father has promised.  But stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high”      Luke 24:49 (Jesus)



Here’s an update on our recent Holy Spirit Encounter at Airdrie Alliance Church (October 21-23) and what Jesus did.


It was an incredible weekend. Out of the 3 Encounters we have hosted at our church this one seemed to have an unusually powerful outpouring of Jesus’ presence all weekend. I have not seen nor sensed such a strong and continuing sense of the Lord like that.


God drew many people to this event, with 170 registered, and some that we could not take in once registration was closed. People came from all over: Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatchewan, up North, B.C, and many from the Airdrie Region. About 66 were from our home church.


God moved in power through teaching, worship, and ministry to one another.


The response to the worship was very high engagement and passion. This was palpably obvious and it created an environment in which faith and expectancy was kindled.


Our teachers felt the hand and anointing of God on them (Doug & Teri Balzer, Nick Kadun, Sandy Isfeld)


At the last session I had people respond to let us know if they were impacted…I asked those who were really, for sure healed (not partially healed, or want to be healed) to stand up. Fifteen people stood to celebrate their physical healing by Jesus. I had those stand who know for sure that they were filled/baptized/anointed by the Spirit of God…and 33 stood.


I then had those stand who were: set from from the enemy/deliverance or had experienced an inner healing or breakthrough into freedom in their life…and 41 stood.


Our Ministry Team and Lead Team was used by God in so many ways to pray for people, lead them into freedom or healing in Jesus, and it enabled our own team to go to the next level of readiness and expectancy that God would move through them.


It was also amazing to see how the conference people themselves entered into bold, faith filled ministry to each other, and so many amazing stories have resulted from these 180 people being equipped and now able to step right into Kingdom Ministry in Jesus’ name. A few people left cynical, or skeptical, but were deeply thinking about what they took in and witnessed.


We had asked 60 people to pray as intercessors prior to and over the weekend and this ministry was no doubt one of the key things that made this a weekend of God’s supernatural favour.


On the Saturday night, our team asked for a volunteer to be ministered to infant of the whole group of people at this conference. A young man from a different Alberta church  whom we did not know came up, and was prayed for for healing. His knee was restored on the spot and he wept and celebrated and we were strongly encouraged how fast and how real this healing was.


This healing moved people to expect God to give them breakthrough in their own group ministry time, and it led to more breakthroughs. About 6 demonic deliverances occurred this weekend that we know about for sure, and some are now continuing to happen this week.


Arthritis was healed, feet were healed, wounded hearts were healed, hands were healed, weak bodies were made strong, shame and guilt and lies were cut off God’s people, and many were encouraged by our amazing God.


He is moving in our times and we are in awe of his presence and his power through Jesus.


Sandy Isfeld is the Lead Pastor of Airdrie Alliance Church.  They meet for Sunday Worship at 9:00am & 11:00am

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