WCD Family Story – Miles Haugan

Miles Haugan has been a part of Alliance Community Church (AAC) in Sylvan Lake for 15 years.  He has been a part of various Alliance churches for decades, more significantly, Fort St. John Alliance.  

Miles currently leads some Bible studies at AAC, but is considered a spiritual father in this community.  He’s an evangelist at heart and spends a lot of time meeting with others and pointing them to Christ.



“The thing that I’m most hopeful about is that when the word of God enters the heart of a person, regardless if it’s a little child at Vacation Bible School (VBS) or an adult in the regular services, is that the word of God never leaves and the future is going to be different for them because the word of God is changing them.”



“If we have salvation, we’re not working for salvation, salvation is a completed fact. That’s probably something I struggled with for so long. It’s a completed fact, and when we receive salvation our nature changes. The real you, the new you, and your wander changes. You’re not really ever satisfied unless you’re obeying God. But we don’t make him love us anymore because that’s done, that’s the anchor.”



“One of the things I’m trying to learn when I teach is when you want to make a point, if you’ve got a good, valuable thought, when you give it to somebody, don’t bury the thought in words. One clear thought in a service is better than a thousand poor ones.”



*Story adapted from Owen Scott of Alliance Community Church

*We’d love to have more WCD Family Stories of everyday people and their journey with God.  Please share us their stories!