WCD Family Story – Elmer Friesen

Elmer Friesen has been attending Rockyview Alliance Church (Calgary) since it started in 1973.  

Elmer has been teaching a bible study in his condo since 2010.  Right now they’re finishing up a study on Ephesians.



“Some of the most important lessons I have learned are Talents, Tithing, and Trust.  It is important to discover one’s personal Talents and then use them in serving the Lord through your church.  Tithing is what brought us to Christ initially and I would not dare discontinue the practice.  Finally, Trust in the Lord for all things for how can we live a victorious life without trusting him to provide our needs for this life and the next…”



“Although I have learned many things, there is still much I need to learn.  But God keeps reminding me that I should learn to live up to what I already know and not to worry about what I don’t know.”



What is something about God you’d like to share with young people today?

“…learn to trust God for all your needs and discover the difference between needs and wants.  Secondly, he answers prayers according to His will and timing.  Thirdly, God is always with you according to His promise when He says I will never leave you nor forsake you.”