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Tim Talks: Disciple Making

Welcome to Tim Talks Disciple Making… a series of short, thought provoking, considerations of Jesus’ command to go and Make Disciples.  Over the coming weeks each ‘talk’ will focus on a different element of the disciple making conversation from… why do most churches and individual believers have a poor track record in the fruit of disciple making? – to where do we start, how can we obey Jesus in this regard?

I started a disciple making huddle six months ago with a common understanding by next April (2019) each of us will engage three others in the journey of making disciple that make disciples.


Our C&MA National Vision Prayer concludes with the words, Making Disciples Everywhere. Is this your experience? If not, why not?  

Join us in the coming weeks as Tim Talk Disciple Making provides space to consider Jesus design for us as we follow him in our faith.

Want to get started?  Drop me a line: tbeadle@transformcma.ca

– Tim Beadle