Prayer Retreat Resources

Hello everyone!  Thanks for helping us make Upstream 2017 our biggest and best Prayer Retreat yet!  Below you’ll find links to the videos and other resources we used throughout the week.



Jesus Is On A Rescue Mission – David Hearn

C&MA Canada President David Hearn reminds us all that Jesus is the true evangelist and is actively working even in the most unexpected of places. 

Note: due to confidentially restrictions, we’re unable to broadcast the Senegal portion of David’s talk. 

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Jesus on Love – Greg Hochhalter

Greg Hochhalter’s first talk from Prayer Retreat on living life full of grace and love.

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Jesus on Identity – Wade Paton

Wade Paton uses the image of the transfiguration to talk about the core roots of our identity.

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Jesus on Truth  & Lies – Wade Paton

In his second talk, Wade illustrates the practice of dealing with lies and false identities.

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Jesus on Leaving – Greg Hocchalter

In his second talk, Greg addresses those who are leaving the ministry as well as their faith.

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Other Videos

WCD Staff Intro Video

How well do you know your WCD Staff?  Find out more than you wanted to about all of us through a friendly game of Two Truths and a Lie.


Introduction to Wade Paton & Greg Hocchalter

Sherwood Park Alliance put together this video to introduce us all to our speakers this year.  Find out what they remember most about Greg and Wade.


Anchored Warriors Update

Find out more about the incredible work of Anchored Warriors and how they’re actively reaching the Indigenous youth with the good news of Jesus.


The Health Project

Stan Wien’s presented one of the most popular talks at Prayer Retreat when he discussed his health project and the impact it’s had on his staff and co-workers.  if you would like the Guide, contact:


Worship Resources

Jordan Abbot has graciously put together a package of all the worship resources used during prayer retreat.  Including liturgies, scripture references and the script for the dramatic piece ‘Mary of Bethel’.  All of these resources are available here.

Additionally the Youtube Playlist he put together, featuring all of the worship songs can be found here.


Wesley Prayer of Surrender

A note on the ‘What a Beautiful Name’ lyric video.

Many of you have been asking for a copy of Jordan’s lyric video featuring all the different names of Jesus that the band played along to.  Unfortunately we’re unable to distribute this video due to copyright restrictions.  We’ve learned a lot from this process and we’ll ensure that, going forward, every effort is made to make ALL of our resources available to you in future years.


Our first ever Photobooth was a hit this year!  Check them out below.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for more information on General Assembly 2018 and Soul Care coming next year!

Thanks again for joining us Upstream this year.  We can’t wait to see you all again next November!