Holy Spirit Encounter Toolkit

We dream of every church having it’s own customized pathways of leading

people to be free from all that hinders and freed towards their full empowerment

through the spirit of Jesus.

Holy Spirit Encounter Toolkit is merely a tool to help churches and ministry

groups move in this direction.


What’s Included

This is your encounter, so feel free to use all, some, or none of the following



Session Presentations

Get the same presentation files we use to teach an HSE event. All files can be easily modified for your specific church or use-case. Click Here to Download


Videos of Sessions

Don’t feel comfortable teaching the event yourself yet? Get a copy of all the messages taught by Doug & Teri along with links to all the other videos for the event. Click Here to Download


Helpful Documents

We’ve included all the documents including a recommended schedule, helpful suggestions and lesson plans to make your experience as simple and painless. Click Here to Download


Three Ways to Engage

  1. Use all of the videos and facilitate on-site ministry transitions.
  2. Use some video and some live on-site teaching.
  3. Utilize all live on-site teaching with provided material as a guide


On-site teaching should be done by people who:

  1. Have processed their own personal transformation deeply.
  2. Have a public speaking gift.
  3. Have an anointing for teaching this material.

Preparing for your encounter

It’s important to lay a solid foundation for your core team members and leaders before taking message to the entire church. Here are a few resources we recommend to help you get your leaders as excited as you are about what God is doing in his church.

Note: This list is not meant to be exhaustive, it has simply been what has been proven fruitful. One should feel free to adjust content as needed.

  1. Engage Deeply in Your Personal Journey

    It’s important not to neglect you own walk with God in this process. Spirit-filled people need a Spirit-led leader to continue to guide and coach them moving forward.

  2. Recommended Reading

    We recommend leading your staff and elders board through an introductory book on the Holy Spirit such as Holy Fire by R.T . Kendall, The Word and Power Church by Douglas Banister or River Dwellers by Rob Reimer.

    Click The images Below to Purchase.


  3. Activate Intercessors

    An increase in the Spirit’s presence brings with it an increase in attack before, during and following an event. Intercessory Prayer is the backbone of transformational and lasting change in your church.

  4. Send Your Key Leaders to a Holy Spirit Encounter

    It’s important to build understanding and excitement amongst your leaders for what God is doing through his People. Attending a Holy Spirit Encounter with your leaders helps them get activated and supporting this new ministry.

  5. Teach an Introductory Series on the Holy Spirit

    Give your congregation a theological basis in who the Holy Spirit is and some of the ways he works in and through our lives.

  6. Begin Intentionally Shifting Culture

    Start with changing the language you use at your church to include more of the Spirit’s ministry. Start finding ways of encouraging your congregation to bring the Holy Spirit into everything they do.

  7. Think Concentric Circles of Influence

    Not everyone is going to be on-board with this new direction right away. It’s important to identify those who are hungry and start with them at the beginning. Their influence will begin to bring others in.


Critical Elements to Leading An Encounter Event

There is no magic curriculum to a Holy Spirit Encounter but there is a predictable rhythm: personal preparation, strategic teaching, practical engagement and opportunity to receive more of the Holy Spirit in one’s life.

As a general rule, you will only be able to lead people into that which you have lived into. Leading people into the deeper life of Christ is not primarily about content and curriculum, but rather of imparting the presence of Christ. Of utmost importance is the life of the leader, living into personal freedom and speaking from personal experience.

Make the supernatural normal. Tell personal stories that normalize the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit: healing, miracles, deliverance, life-transformation, prophetic words, etc.

Release the presence of Jesus in the group sessions where if he doesn’t work, it will be obvious (see end of most videos to see this is action). Ask him to speak to people, call for people to be healed, etc


  1. Expectancy 

    Every Holy Spirit Encounter begins with us giving our personal agendas to Jesus, coming to Him in repentance as well as emphasizing our pursuit of both word and spirit.

  2. The Spirit Anointed Jesus

    Jesus was lead by the spirit, All that Jesus did he did he did not out of his divinity but out of his spirit anointed humanity. This session demonstrates that we the church have the same ‘sentness’ as Jesus.

  3. Roadblock to the Holy Spirit

    A look at the common barriers that keep us away from the fullness of Christ. Topics usually include: Unforgiveness, The Religious Spirit, Lies, and Wounds.

  4. The God Who Speaks

    A very practical look at how to hear the voice of God and ministry prophetically to others. This session helps people grow in their discernment and understanding of how God speaks to his Children.

  5. Ministry From Above

    Learn how to receive the Holy Spirit and minister supernaturally to one another. This session is highly practical, involving prayer for healing and filling in a small-group setting.

  6. The Father’s Blessing

    A teaching on how Jesus heals wounds received by authority figures and a practical opportunity to replace these with the blessing of our heavenly father

After An Encounter

Holy Spirit Encounter isn’t just a one-time event, it’s a fast track to getting your congregation moving with the Spirit. Here’s how you can take the experience further.

  • Gather the Encounter participants for an evening of praise and sharing.
  • Incorporate renewal language from the Pulpit. ie: “Grounded in scripture, moving in Spirit.”
  • Ask for further coaching from others further along.
  • Consider hosting regular events where people can access deeper life. ie: Twice a year offer seminars where people can be set free, listen to the voice of God or experience a new filling of the spirit.
  • Learn from different streams — Southland Church, other churches in region, Bethel/Redding.
  • Attend or host a Soul care Equipping Conference.
  • Expand the circle of influence/impact.
  • Tell stories of transformation (publicly)
  • Train People for ministry in healing, deliverance, filling, etc.
  • Hold occasional worship ministry nights.

For more information, including coaching conversations with existing practitioners, contact Jake