Looking To Begin A New Venture?

We believe that it is people that begin new ventures and we focus our mission on developing leaders and churches that might reproduce the Gospel through starting new ventures in a variety of forms.  Our process towards this goal is as follows:



We pray that the Lord of the Harvest would raise up harvest workers (Luke 10), that he would place his dream on the heart of a woman or man for a city, a neighbourhood, a people group.  We would invite you to see this prayerful journey as not only the starting point but a common thread throughout the entire journey towards potentially beginning a new venture.



Our desire for our church planters is that they would have every possible chance to see a fruitful ministry. Therefore a process of discerning who might truly be called and fit for such an endeavour is of paramount importance.



At this point our relationship becomes more formal with the planter in the form of a New Venture Covenant.  Here we agree together in the nature of our ongoing relationship in terms of coaching, expectations, developmental goals, apprenticeship plans, and intended longer-term outcomes towards a new venture.



The majority of church planters will benefit greatly from a period of apprenticeship. Here they will have opportunity to engage their target community as a missionary, learn the culture of the community, soak in the environment, prayerfully engage in the mission, learn from others, build a core team and so on.



Partnerships in a church plant can be expressed in numerous ways. One of the ways is coaching. In this case each Apprentice and Church Planter is assigned a church planting coach who will walk with them over the span of several years and meet on a monthly basis.


We are committed to providing our emerging and current church planters with ample opportunities for training, relationship and development.  This will occur in partnership with other like-minded networks and denominations in the form of regular Cadres and other events.