Missions In The Western Canadian District C&MA

The Western Canadian District sends missionaries – what we term International Workers (IWs) – from Alberta as messengers of hope and healing to unreached peoples around the world.


Church Missions Clusters

There are 80+ International Workers, arranged into seven church clusters within our district. Each cluster is comprised of churches that support our IWs through prayer, finances, and friendship.

Our church missions clusters are:

Chinese Cluster
Calgary and North Cluster
Calgary and South Cluster
Edmonton and North Cluster
Edmonton and South Cluster
Lakeland Cluster
Peace River Cluster

Filter by cluster to discover which International Workers and churches are in each cluster.

Mission Regions

Our International Workers are sent to four geographical regions around the world:


Funding For Our International Workers

Our International Workers are funded through the regular contributions from Alberta churches and individuals to the Global Advance Fund.

Learn more about our Missions movement or contact our Global Mission Catalyst Jerin.


Interested in becoming a C&MA International Worker? 

  • Do you have a deep sense of calling to overseas missions?
  • Would you like to experience missions in a context more closely related to your anticipated ministry?
  • Are you interested in learning more about how The C&MA trains, supports, and sends out International Workers?

Contact our Global Mission Catalyst Jerin.

Visit our Envision Canada website.  ‘Envision Canada’ is the division of our ministries that works toward the mobilization and development of International Workers.

For more information please visit rekindle.tv