Our Children’s Ministry

The Western Canadian District C&MA views ministry to children and those who lead our children’s ministry in very high regard.  Ministry to children is one of the top priorities within our district family.  Jesus said ‘Let the little children come unto me and don’t keep them away for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them!’

We maintain ongoing support to all those who serve with our children and ensure a ‘plan to protect’ protocol is active in each of our churches.

Pam Loeppky serves as a coach to our children’s pastors in the District and Tim Beadle serves as District point person in support of ministry to children.

We currently are engaging in two important studies to be completed within the coming  year:

  • Understanding what a fully discipled child looks like before they reach their teenage years.
  • Understanding what a properly resourced Children’s Ministry leader looks like in each of our churches.

For more information on ministry to children please contact Tim .


Share Your Children’s Ministry Story

Please CLICK HERE to highlight the works of a children’s ministry worker and encourage each other in ministry.