What Is Chaplaincy?

What is chaplaincy? Our response is: “it’s a transformational movement set outside the walls of the traditional church!”  Chaplains are called to provide spiritual care through incarnational ministry of both word and deed to the distinctive communities they serve in.  Our chaplains perform a full range of ministerial services, including preaching and teaching, administering sacraments, officiating weddings and funerals, spiritual direction/life coaching, and providing the ministry of presence in both crisis and everyday situations.

Chaplaincy is a growing ministry within the C&MA in Canada and we have a strong network of chaplains in the Western Canadian District.  Our contingency of chaplains not only encompasses Alliance chaplains, but also chaplains from throughout Alberta.  As a district network of chaplains, we provide pastoral support, leadership and advocacy, and also education and training. We currently have over 60 chaplains in our greater Alberta network!


District Chaplaincy Lead Team

Karen Hansen – Manager, Spiritual Care Acute Covenant Health

Kris Knutson – Director of Programs with The Mustard Seed Edmonton

Jill Burt – Corporate Chaplain with Christenson Communities

Cyril Gowler – Corporate Chaplain with All Weather Windows Ltd.

Albert Kwan – Chaplain, Wing Kei Care Centre Calgary


News Items

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Fall 2017 WCD Newsletter featuring Albert Kwan

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Share Your Chaplaincy Story

Please CLICK HERE to share your story, highlight the works of a chaplain or encourage each other in ministry.


On the national level we have the Association of Alliance Chaplains (AAC). 

For more information on Justice and Compassion at C&MA, learn about it here.