Lending Library

Our District has the following resources (DVDs, CDs, Books) available to be used by our churches for presentations, small group gatherings, or personal interest.

Contact Our Office to borrow the following resources.


Here is a list of available resources:


36 Parables: Cyan – Zondervan
36 Parables: Yellow – Zondervan
4 S Venture – C&MA Canada
A Look at the Alliance Across Canada – CMA
Alliance Alive: Spring 2011 – CMA
Alliance Alive: Fall 2009 – CMA
Alliance Alive: Fall 2010 (2 Copies) – CMA
Alliance Alive: Spring 2009 – CMA
Alliance Alive: Spring 2010 – CMA
Alliance Month of Prayer 2012 – CMA
Along the Silk Road (2 Copies) – CMA
Because He Reigns – Maxey
Communicating with Poise and Power – SkillPath
Defend Dignity – Boldfish Videos
Dynamic Transitions (2 Copies) – Grout
Family Snapshots: Fall 2005 – CMA
Family Snapshots: Fall 2006 – CMA
Family Snapshots: Fall 2008 – CMA
Family Snapshots: Spring 2004 – CMA
Family Snapshots: Spring 2006 – CMA
Family Snapshots: Spring/Summer 2005 – CMA
Follow the road: Assembly 2010 – CMA
For The Sake of the World – Goheen
Go into all the World… – Graham
Great Things Running Wild in the Canadian Pacific District – CPD
How to Excel as a Team Leader – SkillPath
How to Stand out as a Manager or Supervisor  – SkillPath
Introducing… Resolving Everyday Conflict – Peacemaker Ministries
Leadership Development Series (2 Copies) – CMA
Leadership Summit 2003 – Willow Creek
Leadership Summit 2005 – Willow Creek
Leadership Summit 2006 – Willow Creek
Leadership Summit 2009 – Willow Creek
Leadership Summit 2015 – Willow Creek
Leadership Summit 2016 – Willow Creek
Global Leadership Summit (GLS) 2017 Willow Creek – Team Edition
Managing Unacceptable Employee Behavior – SkillPath
Marriage on the Rocks – MTEX
Power Praying – Chotka
Purpose Driven Church – Warren
Speak your Mind – Quest
Spice Island: Undercover Love – CMA
The Call to Harvest – Gospel for Asia
Unreached Peoples of Central Asia – CMA
Unreached Peoples of East Asia – CMA
Unreached Peoples of South Asia & Africa – Hybels
What I like about being a Pastor – Focus on the Family



A Walk Through The Word – Grout
Alliance Alive Stories For Life – C&MA
FAC Church At Work – FAC
Counterfeit Marriage: An Honest Appraisal Of Same-Sex Unions – The American Family Association
Defining Moments: Ask Bill (2) – Hybels
Defining Moments: Building A Church Through Fanatic Discipleship (Part 1) – Hybels
Defining Moments: Can Willow Change? – Hybels
Defining Moments: Capturing Illustrations For Memorable Messages (2) – Hybels
Defining Moments: Casting A Vision That Sticks – Hybels
Defining Moments: Change – Hybels
Defining Moments: Conflict: Having The Tough Conversations – Hybels
Defining Moments: Facing A Broken Economy – Hybels
Defining Moments: FAQ’s Posed To Seasoned Pastors – Hybels
Defining Moments: Giving – Hybels
Defining Moments: Giving – Hybels
Defining Moments: Group Life – Hybels
Defining Moments: Growing Engines & Church Growth – Hybels
Defining Moments: In It For The Long Haul – Hybels
Defining Moments: Inside Reveal – Hybels
Defining Moments: Integrity: Cultivating Character – Hybels
Defining Moments: Integrity: What It Is And Why It Matters – Hybels
Defining Moments: Investing In Relationship Of Impact – Hybels
Defining Moments: Just Courage (2) – Hybels
Defining Moments: Just Walk Across The Room (2) – Hybels
Defining Moments: Keeping The Passion For Ministry Alive – Hybels
Defining Moments: Language Of Leadership – Hybels
Defining Moments: Leadership Development: A Working Model – Hybels
Defining Moments: Leading From The Second Chair – Hybels
Defining Moments: Negotiating Through Conflict – Hybels
Defining Moments: Old-Fashioned Courage – Hybels
Defining Moments: One Month To Live: Living A No-Regrets Life – Hybels
Defining Moments: Productive Paranoia – Hybels
Defining Moments: Questions Posed To Seasoned Pastors (Volume 2) – Hybels
Defining Moments: Replenishment – Hybels
Defining Moments: Rescued – Hybels
Defining Moments: Staff Reductions (2) – Hybels
Defining Moments: Staying On Budget When The Game Changes – Hybels
Defining Moments: Straight From The Mouth Of A Pastor’s Kid – Hybels
Defining Moments: The Big Idea – Hybels
Defining Moments: The Call To A Multicultural Church – Hybels
Defining Moments: The Challenge Factor Part 1: The Under-Challenged Leader – Hybels
Defining Moments: The Challenge Factor Part 2: The Over-Challenged Leader – Hybels
Defining Moments: The Great Omission – Hybels
Defining Moments: The Life Changing Power Of A Campaign – Hybels
Defining Moments: The Ministry Of Assistants – Hybels
Defining Moments: The Outward Focused Life: Becoming A Serving Church – Hybels
Defining Moments: The Pace Of Change – Hybels
Defining Moments: The Power Of Leading With Axioms – Hybels
Defining Moments: The Practical Side Of Humility – Hybels
Defining Moments: The Resilient Life (Part 2) – Hybels
Defining Moments: The Resource Challenge – Hybels
Defining Moments: These Things We Must Do – Hybels
Defining Moments: Volunteerism (3) – Hybels
Defining Moments: What WCA Pastors Want To Know – Hybels
Defining Moments: When The Church Is The Church – Hybels
Defining Moments: When Women Are Gifted To Lead – Hybels
Defining Moments: When Your Church Splits – Hybels
Defining Moments: Your Church’s Next Leader – Hybels
Great Commission Tool Box – Wycliffe
HMS 2005: Resources
Hope For Iraq – C&MA
Joint Mission Convention 2005
Leadership Summit 2004: Exceptional Leadership –  James Sr.
Leadership Summit 2004:Leading Between Two Kingdoms – Bernard Sr.
Leadership Summit 2004: One Thing You Need To Know (Disc 2 of 2) – Buchingham
Leadership Summit 2004: The Contrarian’s Guide To Leadership – Sample
Leadership Summit 2004: The Leader’s Finest Hour – Hybels
Leadership Summit 2004: The Leader’s Edge – Hybels
Leadership Summit 2004: The Lovecat Way – Sanders
Leadership Summit 2004: When The Laws Of Leadership & Discipleship Collide – Hybels
Leadership Summit 2005 – Willow Creek
Leadership Summit 2007: Team Recruitment DVD – Willow Creek
Mission Moments – C&MA
One Size Fits All (Goodbye Generation) – EFC
Q&A Rave @ The Roxy – Zacharias
Seeds: I have A Friend Who…Pt 1: Has Doubts About God – Ortberg
Seeds: Pursuing Spiritual Excellence Pt 1 – Hybels
Seeds: Pursuing Spiritual Excellence Pt 2: Facing Impossible Challenges – Tomberlin
Seeds: Pursuing Spiritual Excellence Pt 3: Who’s In Charge Around Here? – Ortberg
Seeds: Pursuing Spiritual Excellence Pt 4: Watch Your Worship – Ortberg
Seeds: Pursuing Spiritual Excellence Pt 5: The Fourth Man In The Furnace – Ortberg
Seeds: Pursuing Spiritual Excellence Pt 6: O Lord It’s hard To Be Humble – Ortberg
Seeds: Pursuing Spiritual Excellence Pt 7: Where To Look When You Hit The Bottom – Ortberg
Seeds: Seasons Of The Soul Pt 1: Fall – Beach
Seeds: Seasons Of The Soul Pt 2: Winter – Ortberg
Seeds: Seasons Of The Soul Pt 3: Spring – Tomberlin
Seeds: Seasons Of The Soul Pt 4: Summer – Beach/Nordeman
Serve Day 2007 – Calgary CTV News
Tarahumara: A Forgotten People – C&MA
The Cuba Clips CD
This Is Church – Hybels
Who Cares? – C&MA
Willow Creek: The Barbarian Way – McManus
Willow Creek: The Character Matrix – McManus
Willow Creek: The Leader’s Edge (2) – Hybels



5 Levels of Leadership – Maxwell
A work of Heart – McNeal
Administrative Professionals Handbook – Flynn
An Hour on Sunday – Beach
Axiom – Hybels
Boards that make a difference – Carver
Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church – Daeymaz
Building your first Church Building – Kimbel
Care of Souls – Benner
Catching Wind of the Spirit – Krishnan
City Reaching – Dennison
Courageous Leadership – Hybels
Creative Church Administration – Schaller
Crucial Conversations – Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, Switzler
Death By Meetings – Lencioni
Doing Church as a Team – Cordeiro
Domestic Violence, What every Pastor Needs – Miles
Effective Engagement – Priest, ed.
Experincing the Power to Change – New Life Resources
Forgotten Voices: Women in Ministry – Howe
Game Plan for intentional Missional Ministry – Roehl
Getting to Yes – Fisher
Gifted to Lead – Beach
Goodbye Generations – Sawler
Greek Lexicon New Testament – Baker
Grief, Dying, and Death – Rando
Handy Dictionary of the Bible – Tenney, ed.
Healing Adult Children of Divorce – Hart
Heritage of Alliance Spiritual Tradition (Chinese Translation) – Yeung
Hey, That’s our Church! – Schaller
How to Break Growth Barriers – George
How to Find God – Tyndale, pub.
Innovations in Ministry – Schaller
Intro to Excellerated Coaching –
James – Max Lucado
Just Walk Across the Room – Hybles
Leading Change – Kotter
Leading from the Second Chair – Bonem
Leading the Team-Based Church – Cladis
Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead – Sandberg
Let the Son Shine Out – Beadle, Matthews
Life @ Work on Leadership: Enduring Insights for Men and Women of Faith – Graves, Addington
Management for Dummies – Nelson
Management for the Christian Worker – Hendrix
Managing for Dummies – Nelson, Economy
Married to a Pastor’s Wife – London
Missions in Action, the 21st Century – Tira
More Movie-Based Illustrations for Preaching – Larson
Motivating Employees for Dummies – Messner
My Utmost for His Highest – Chambers
Necessary Endings – Cloud
New Testament Greek for Beginners – Machen
No Perfect People Allowed – Burke
Organic Church – Cole
Out of the Shadows – Carnes
Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership – McIntosh
Paradigm Shift in the Church – Schwarz
Peoplemaking – Satir
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement – Winter, Ed
Planning Blended Worship – Webber
Power Praying – Chotka
Practicing the Presence of the Spirit – Augsburger
Prepare Your Church for the Future – George
Revolution in World Missions – Yohannan
Scattered: the Filipino Global Presence – Pantoja, Tira, Wan
Serving with Eyes Wide Open – Livermore
Simple Small Groups – Search
Starting Well – Clinton
Surprising Insights from the Unchurched – Rainer
Sustainable Youth Ministry – DeVries
The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team – Lencioni
The Analytical Greek Lexicon Revised – Moulton
The Birth of a Vision – Hartfeld
The Complete Ministry Audit – Easum
The Complete Worship Leader – Navarro
The End of Religion – Cavey
The End of Religion: an introduction – Cavey
The five love languages – Chapman
The Forgotten Ways – Hirsch
The Forgotten Ways Handbook – Hirsch
The Glory of Preaching – Johnson
The Godward Gaze – Mcivey
The Healthy Christian Life – Minirth
The Historic Moment – Tung
The Holy Spirit – Simpson
The Screwtape Letters – C.S Lewis
The Simple Church – Eric Geiger
The Upside-Down Kingdom – Kraybill
The Whole Gospel for the World – Beach
This Far by Faith – DeMaere
Today’s All-Star Missions Church – Shaw
Transforming our Nation – Moerman, ed.
Transitioning – Southerland
Understanding Church Growth – Wagner, McGavran
Unlearning Church – Slaughter
Unmasking the Lone Ranger – Wilson
Visioneering – Stanley
Web Design on Shoestrings – Bickner
Weakness is the Way – Packer
Where do we go From Here? – Neighbour, Jr.