Sexual Wholeness

God created us to be whole in every way – spiritually,  emotionally,  relationally, and  sexually.

Unfortunately the effect of sin in the world has affected us in every way and has left us all broken in these parts of our lives in one way or another. The Western Canadian District (WCD) recognizes this battle and desires to walk with our pastors as we move away from brokenness and bondage and towards healing and wholeness.

If your life is characterized by repeated sin and defeat in these areas you need to know that we wish to help you by finding a healing pathway together that would be best for you.  We recognize that these are often difficult and painful conversations.  You need to know that there are numerous pastors in our District today whom we have walked with back towards healing and wholeness and whom once again enjoy personal freedom and a fruitful ministry.

Current Reality

  • Our discipleship and pursuit of holiness includes sexual and relational wholeness.
  • As a result of the fall, we have all become sexually and relationally broken and are in need of Christ’s atoning work of healing and renewal.
  • Sexual wholeness is a pursuit for both men and women in vocational ministry.
  • Bondage begins to break when we begin with confession with a trusted colleague, coach or counselor.

Understanding The Addiction Cycle




  • Call to Excellence – Code of ethics for licensed workers of the C&MA.
  • Coach Ministry Dialogue – Church Coaches will be implementing accountability in this area into their regular Church/Coach dialogues.
  • Counseling – if  the WCD can assist you in connecting with a professional counselor, please contact your church coach.
  • Journey Canada (formerly Living Waters) – provides a safe place where people can be honest about their life struggles, and ask their hard questions.  Journey Canada offers space for people to be renewed through God’s healing work, and for people to experience community and grace through others. The WCD is partnering with Journey Canada in their ability to provide meaningful pathways towards healing and wholeness.
  • Pure at Heart Men’s Seminar – Empower men to be shame-resilient, to become who we truly are, and to embrace healthy Godly living in a sexualized world, free from addiction to pornography, struggling with lust and extra-marital affairs
  • Strategic Peer Networks – Peer based affinity groups that meet monthly/bimonthly for the purpose of accountability, support and encouragement. Contact your District Church Coach about joining one.
  • C&MA In Canada’s Recommended Reading on Human Sexualityhere is a list of recommended books and resources. *They reflect the opinion of the author and is not to be seen as the official position of the C&MA in Canada.


Additional Resources (Books & Websites)

Additional Resources (Documents)