District (WCD) for placement in ministry with the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada.

Licensing is for all Applicants serving in a paid ministry role at least 15 hours weekly, at an Alliance Church. A paid ministry role is defined by our denominational manual as “a primary focus on meeting the spiritual needs of people and/or providing church leadership.”

It is the church’s role to put forth an Applicant for licensing.

If you are an Alliance church in Alberta putting forth an Applicant for licensing, you should follow the steps below:

  • Read the Licensing Policy (see below)
  • Notify Shelby Keith at The WCD Office that you are considering an Applicant for candidating and hire.  Please include the Applicant’s name, email address, whether they are candidating for portable/non-portable license, and the position they are being considered for.
  • The WCD Office will contact the candidate to begin the Licensing Process.

Please note: licenses are not issued to applicants until they are hired and/or appointed to a ministry role in one of our churches, new ventures, or a specific ministry.

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