Hiring Process

The hiring of any church personnel ought to be a journey of prayerfully seeking the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit to match the leadership team to the best people possible. Keep in mind; it is not wise to approach this as a “Gideon’s cloth” experiment trusting the Holy Spirit to divinely connect you with the best hire. Similarly, do not rely solely on the recommendation of a trusted congregant or your Holy Spirit inspired intuition. To hire well you need a method. This booklet is meant to support a prayerful and Holy Spirit guided process of hiring for the church.

Hire slow, fire fast, goes the wisdom of sage HR professionals. For any organization, churches included, a great hire is worth three times their annual salary. Conversely, a poor hire could cost the organization double. With so much at stake, it’s important to have procedures in place.

The complete version of the guide is available here but it’s material is broken up into the below categories as well.

The four key steps that we encourage is as follows:

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Transition Planning             Job Review

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Job Posting                             Vetting Process

Job Posting

Job Review


PowerPoint Presentations

Transition Planning

Vetting Process