Church Planting & Multiplication

The Western Canadian District C&MA desires to see the Gospel of Jesus established in all of our neighborhoods through the planting and multiplication of churches and congregations.  We partner with other like-minded people and denominations to see the Gospel multiplied in diverse ways to reach our diverse culture.  We pray that Jesus uses us to raise up workers for his harvest, bringing the Man, the Message, the Means and the Effect of the Gospel into countless neighbourhoods across Alberta.


Multiplication And The Christian and Missionary Alliance

As part of The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) in Canada, the ministry movement of church planting and multiplication is under the banner New Ventures.

Previously we have separated local and global missions and have come to realize that we need to unify both local and global missions and see them as one. We term this perspective the 5S Strategy. Church planting and multiplication is considered the Sea to Sea arm of this 5S Strategy.


Our Multiplication Mandate

We are JESUS CENTRED.  It is he whom we serve.  It is he who changes lives.  In all of our church plants we desire for the life of Jesus to be the center of the gathered community.  The planting of churches and congregations are for a larger purpose:  for Jesus to be seen, known and experienced in all cities and all nations.

We are SPIRIT EMPOWERED.  Our best efforts fall short.  But that which the Holy Spirit anoints works towards eternal significance.  We pray in faith for church planters and resources.  We recognize that the Spirit is already active in many places long before “we” arrive.  We discern how we can best participate in what the Spirit desires for the Church.

We are MISSION FOCUSED.  The church has been called to make disciples of Jesus.  This is our mission.  The reproduction of leaders / church planters / gospel planters is our focus.


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