“Love Yellowknife” Project 

Project Background:

In previous years, a framed license plate of Yellowknife was passed from one church to another at Prayer Retreat so the church committed to praying over Yellowknife Alliance can have a symbol for their commitment that year.  This year, the Chaplains have stepped up to take this to heart.  As our chaplains are spread all over Alberta, a weekly prayer initiative was conceived to include this unique group.   

“So, Chaplains know first hand, the feeling of serving in isolated areas, without much of a team and church support. For this reason, at the end of the Prayer Retreat, when Brent Trask invited a WCD church to take on the specific task of daily dedicated prayer for our pastoral team at the Yellowknife Alliance Church, I felt impressed that this year, our WCD Chaplains should take on this responsibility of prayer for Steve & Sarah Swan, as they lead that church and outreach into community. As you all know, people do not care what you know unless they know that you care… Chaplaincy is the incarnational ministry that plants itself into communities and root it with the love and teachings of Christ.” – Chaplain Helen Bennett

About Yellowknife Alliance:

The vibrant community that makes up Yellowknife Alliance Church has had various iterations over the years, each one formed by the changes and challenges unique to living in Yellowknife. We began as a tiny home group in the mid 1980’s, but starting in 1987, when missionaries Dave and Denise Golding arrived by Cessna from Fort MacMurray, the church grew quickly. Services were held at the Con Mine Recreation Hall and then at various schools. Many of the first people who made up YKAC moved away between 1989 and 1990, and the church was without pastoral leadership for almost 2 years. As has often been the case in our history, the church was lovingly led by dedicated lay people, who saw the church through the tumultuous times of the early 90’s; the mine strike, the deliberate explosion which killed 9 miners, as well as the division of the Territories and the creation of Nunavut.

Starting in the fall of 1992 until 1996, Russ and Virgie Mueller pastured the church, coming to us from Lac la Biche, Alberta to pastor at YKAC. As the 7th day Adventist Church was free Sunday mornings, we were able to make it our first semi-permanent home. That was an exciting time in Yellowknife. The gold mines were still in production, and the discovery of diamonds heralded a brilliant future. In January of 1997, Al Harvey became the new pastor of YKAC, moving from Wimborne, Alberta with his wife Lisa, their two young sons, and a lot of adventurous spirit. Once again, from 1997 to 1999, transition played huge part of YKAC. The city was in a time of flux and nearly half the congregation moved south.

In 2003 Al and the leadership team began to pray about a new, permanent location, and eventually settled on an abandoned dairy barn about 10 minutes from town. As Al once said, “It wasn’t the only option we explored, but it was the only impossible option.” Nevertheless, April 2016 marked our tenth anniversary at “The Barn,” a beautiful home that continues to inspire and offer us potential for growth. After 19 years of service, Al retired, and Steve Swan was called to be pastor in January of 2017. Steve joined us from Winnipeg, Manitoba with his wife Sarah and their two young daughters. We look forward to what The Lord has in store for us in this new chapter.

Pastor Steve Swan

Prayer Initiative:

We wish to have chaplains sign up to take on a week during 2018 to pray for Yellowknife Alliance, their ministries, their staff, their members and other needs they have.

Would you join us and commit to ONE WEEK this year to cover Yellowknife Alliance with your love and prayers?

Please find the attached form for the sign-ups HERE.  

March / April 2018 Prayer Requests:

1. Continued wisdom for YKAC leadership.

2. Cooperation and unity amongst the churches of Yellowknife.

3. Spiritual strengthening for Swan family.

4. Gospel breakthrough in Yellowknife’s very unchurched, secular culture.

5. Upcoming Ordination Service for Pastor Swan on April 13th, 2018.  Safe travels for other leaders going to Yellowknife to join the celebration!