Issachar Project Update

The Issachar Project Summary Report from Western Canadian District on Vimeo.


In follow up to our In the Loop communication from DEXCOM last October, I am pleased to update you on the progress of our Issachar Project, formerly referred to as our WCD ‘Effectiveness Audit’.

We have chosen the name Issachar (1 Chronicles 12:32) because it speaks to the heart of what we are trying to accomplish, namely understanding our times and discerning our future. The WCD as an office is really clear on our mission (‘to serve our churches and leaders to pursue Jesus for life, church and world transformation’), but how are we doing at that mission?  What are we doing well, poorly or in between as we serve you, our leaders and churches?  We really want clarity on that.  Additionally, understanding how to advance the gospel in an increasingly post Christian culture and discerning ways to improve our joint mission effectiveness (WCD office services and local church fruitfulness) is of paramount importance to our office and each of you.

The Issachar Project is being guided by a DEXCOM appointed steering committee comprised of Scott Dixon, Carla Olsen Draper, Henry Tseung, Lorne Fredlund, Brent Trask and Terry Mochar (Project Lead). The Steering Committee met on January 17th to spend time in the Word, pray together, and listen to the Spirit’s direction as we discussed the next phase of the project.

The project is currently in the “exploration phase” which will run from January through April. During this phase Terry Mochar will be directing the exploration of a number of areas of the district to give us the insights we need around our WCD office mandate and overall missional effectiveness. Over the next several months Terry will be contacting some of you to request an hour or two on your calendar to discuss a number of areas he and his team are exploring. I want to express my thanks in advance for your willingness to contribute to this project. In addition you may be receiving some questionnaires in March and April that will be directed to various stakeholders for your input.

While the effectiveness audit will be conducted with careful due diligence utilizing various methods for exploration and data gathering, it will be under the Lordship of Christ and dependence upon the leadership of the Holy Spirit that the insights and recommendations will be derived.  WE ARE IN A SEASON OF ACTIVE LISTENING, TO GOD AND EACH OTHER.  To this end we ask for your prayers that the voice of Jesus will be abundantly clear.  Please also pray for Terry Mochar, the steering committee and DEXCOM as they serve as our ‘lead listeners’.

We are excited about the opportunity that God has provided us to reflect on where we are today and what He is calling us to in our future.

Together in Mission,

Brent Trask