HolMetrics: The Self-Care App For People Who Work With People

One of the areas we highlighted in this past year’s Prayer Retreat was “physical wellness”. We encouraged our Licensed Workers to get physical by providing Fitbits as door prizes (and for purchase). We had a little fun and asked people to join our WCD FitBit Challenge to see who could out step the other throughout the week.  The hope is that as a District we can be intentional with staying healthy – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and more.

Tagging on to this theme of physical health/fitness is a new app called: HolMetrics.

This app, specific to those in pastoral ministry, was built and designed around a single principle – to help people who work with people stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible in ministry.


What To Expect

  • 90 second daily check-ins about your health
  • A check in on your mental, emotional, relational, spiritual, and physical health. These are the 5 metrics of this program
  • Professional coaching for a fee (if desired)
  • Understand your personal trends and patterns


How It Works

  • Sign-up for the service by downloading the app through Google Play or the App Store
  • Check-in each day from Monday-Friday.  You’ll be prompted to fill out one of the five metrics.
  • Receive an automatically generated report weekly and monthly. At the end of the week you’ll get a snapshot of your week and where your HolHealth Score is
  • Connect with your coach (excluding free users) who oversees your HolMetrics
  • Stick With it!  Consider HolMetrics as part of your daily routine and you can see the patterns and trends of your health.


We invite you to kick off your new year with being intentional about your health!  Try out HolMetrics and provide us with your feedback on how you like it!


For further information on HolMetrics, visit their website or their Facebook Group