God Still Speaks Today

We just completed a series of 8 messages on, “How to Listen to God” at Calgary Punjabi Christian Church.  Teaching was implemented with practicum notes for individuals in the congregation.  The Holy Spirit laid it upon our hearts as pastors to help people realize the importance of listening to God in our lives and to affirm their faith in the Living God who spoke in the Bible times and how He still is alive and well and speaks to us today in different ways, of course primarily through His Word.


We also learnt that God has spoken to people in dreams and visions.  Joseph of Old Testament (Genesis 37- 50) and Joseph of New Testament (Matthew 1:18-25) experienced God speaking to them through dreams with messages of hope and warning and found the fulfillment of their dreams.


As I mentioned earlier, during the course of our teaching series, emphasis was made upon practicing the presence of God; i.e. spend time with Him quietly and ask Him to speak rather than we doing all the talking.  In other words open ourselves and expect to hear Him speak to us in any way He chooses to speak.


In the early hours of Friday night I had a dream of me ministering to the church in our own sanctuary.  Then all of a sudden a couple of people came up to the stage from their seats and said enthusiastically; “Yes God’s Spirit is present here and God is speaking to us confirming all you said.”


I asked the Lord to give me understanding of this dream and I felt in my spirit that God was showing to us as a church that he is going to do wonderful things right among our own people and will use them to minister to others.


I shared the dream with the church the following Sunday during the teaching and there was an overwhelming awe in the sanctuary.  There were tears in my eyes as I uttered the word and I could see tears of joy all around.


Then, the next day (Monday evening) a couple called and told me that God had been speaking to them in different ways in the past weeks and my sharing of this dream was a confirmation to them that God was calling them to ministry and  calling them right now!


We two pastors (Pastor Balwant and myself), met with the couple in that week to hear what God was speaking to them about and prayed with them for guidance for the future and for steps to prepare for the call.


Husband and wife both affirmed that they are ready to be used by Him and that they do not want to waste time anymore! Praise God.


Prayerfully we discussed ways to train and equip them and, after consultation with our church coach, discovered that a “foundation for ministry course” was being offered through Ambrose.  Partap Ghai went ahead and attended the course on October 14-15, 2016 and was excited to learn foundational truths about Christian life and ministry.   We are eager to see how God leads and uses this couple for ministry in His kingdom.


Yes, God still speaks.  The question is: do we expect Him to speak? Are we listening enough when we come to Him?


Pastor Johnson Charles and Pastor Balwant Bedi shepherd the people at Calgary Punjabi Christian Church.  They meet for worship at The Encompass Centre every Sunday at 10:00am.