God's Doing Amazing Things At Camp

At Camp Nakamun, we are extremely thankful for another year of great summer camps!  Not only do the kids have so much fun, but they also have a great time learning about God and growing together as a group.


E was a first time camper this year.  He had heard about Nakamun through a friend and decided to come.  When he was dropped off, his mother told him that even though their family were not Christians, he needed to be respectful and attend our chapel and campfire times just like the rest of the kids.  Reluctantly, E agreed.


As the week went on, E’s counselor regularly brought up the topic of God and the things that the speaker was talking about.  E  found that he really did find an interest in these sorts of things.  It was having the time to walk through things with his counselor, and respond with questions and comments openly within his cabin group, that E started to really encounter God in his first week at camp.


By the end of the week, while he was having such a good time with his cabin mates and cabin leaders, E decided that he wanted to ask God to be the centre of his life.  He prayed with his counselor, and then on the last night of camp, he even asked if he could pray for his cabin mates as well!


God is doing amazing things through summer camp, not just at Camp Nakamun, but all over!  There are so many stories just like E’s.  Kids find a place at camp where they are able to talk and have people listen.  They are able to ask questions and grow more in their faith.  These kids get away from the noise of life and find that camp can be a wonderful place to learn about their Creator and grow in their faith.


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