MOSAIC: Intercultural Worship Night

Begins: June 26, 2018

Location: Encompass Partnerships

Event Time

7 - 9 PM


3851 54 Ave NE


Canada is becoming an increasingly multicultural country. How is your worship and prayer ministry positioned to minister in this culturally diverse landscape? The goal of this event is to facilitate a time of intercultural dialogue on the topics of worship and prayer. It will also provide an experiential environment where attendees can experience being led in worship and prayer through a variety of ethnic forms. If you want to grow in your ability to lead worship and connect with others from different cultural backgrounds, this event is for you!
All are invited to attend, but this event is specifically designed for those who are involved in worship and prayer ministry.
The first half of the evening will include a dialogue on worship and prayer from a variety of cultural perspectives. We will contemplate questions like:
  • What is the connection between worship, prayer and culture?
  • How are Christians called to be leaders in building cultural bridges, especially in our corporate gatherings of worship and prayer?
  • How do we engage those from other cultures with great competence?
The second half of the evening will be experiential. Attendees will have the chance to experience being led in a variety of worship expressions that are linked to distinct cultural forms. The goal here will be to broaden our understanding of what worship can look like and gain a richer experience of the body of Christ. Though His body is diverse, it can be united under his Headship.
Encompass Partnership
3851 54 Ave NE, Calgary
The event will take place in the main sanctuary space.
Tuesday June 26th from 7pm to 9pm.
To bring increased unity to the Church through collective worship expressions that glorify God​.
To find mutual alignment in prayer and intercession for our churches, city and beyond To foster a spirit of observation, learning and acceptance resulting in increased intercultural awareness



​There is no cost to attend this event. A great reason to come!​


Jordan Abbott