Kairos Course (Calgary – Intensive)

Begins: May 6, 2019 | Ends: June 10, 2019

Location: Ambrose University

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150 Ambrose Circle SW, Calgary


The Kairos course was borne out of the well-known Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course. It was compiled in the Philippines by Living Springs International to help engage the Filipino church in world Christian mission. Since 1994, thousands of Filipinos have participated in Kairos and it has spread to 40 other countries and in 2013, it reached Canada.

Kairos is a nine lesson interactive study of the unchanging purpose and plan of God from Genesis to the end of the age. Focusing on the biblical, historical, strategic, and cultural dimensions of God’s mission, this course creates space where you can realign with God’s purposes.

Offered in over 60 countries and 30 languages, stretching around the globe, Kairos is much more than a course–it’s a movement.

Cost: $99 (After Feb 24: full price of $125)

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