Each one Reach One – Each one Teach One

Each one Reach One – Each one Teach One

Last year from the platform of district prayer retreat, I challenged each official worker present to identify, by this past summer, ‘one person’ they were discipling to the point that person would eventually disciple another person… and so on.

Nothing like a little bit of accountability. Who’s your ‘ONE’ that you are REACHING and TEACHING in this regard?  You may ask ‘OK Beadle’ what have you been up to in this regard?  Here’s the goods… in the last six months I’ve developed a disciple making huddle with three guys. Their names are Jesse, Brad and Jerry.  We meet monthly and are committed by next April to each finding three other guys to disciple to the point they will disciple another within a year… and so on.

Do the math… there are four of us right now meeting as disciple makers – next year there will be 16 of us …. The following year 64…. The following year over 200… simply because I realized if it’s going to happen it needs to start with me…

And it needs to start with you as well… I met with a pastor yesterday named Kevin – I told him my story and conviction about making disciples who make disciples and the Lord convicted him on the spot, so he’s joined the movement!

At times we tell people to get baptized as a ‘matter of obedience’ as it is part of the command of the Great Commission. Perhaps we need to take big step back and realize the baptism piece is part of Jesus’ actual command to ‘Make Disciples!’ (Matt 28:19-20)

So How About You? Making disciples who make disciple is one of our district’s     BIG THREE priorities…  need help getting started?  Let’s Talk

– Tim Beadle (tbeadle@transformcma.ca)