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New WCD finance email addresses to direct your inquiries, payments, and invoices:

Finance-AR@transformcma.caDOB, New Ventures (formerly known as Canadian Ministries), Loan Payments, Liability Insurance Payments and Canada Life Benefit Payments.

Finance-AP@transformcma.caVendor invoices or invoices from a church to the WCD.

Finance-Benefits@transformcma.caAll inquiries regarding Canada Life benefits please send them directly to this email. Please do not send benefit payments to this email. All payments should be sent to

FinanceTeam@transformcma.caThis email will continue to be used for general inquiries. Please redirect your DOB, New Ventures and Insurance and Benefit payments to our new AR email as noted above. We appreciate your help with this change as it will help us stay organized in this new electronic environment.

Please use the form below for general inquiries.

Lord, transform my life into maturity, our churches to bear fruit, and our world for Your glory!

Our District Transformational Prayer