Are we as believers missing something?

The story comes from one of our partners who is actively involved with ministering to Syrian refugees.
In the past few months, through a Syrian Muslim refugee, I was introduced to another refugee; an Iraqi woman who is a mother of four boys here in the city.  After meeting with her for the first time, I invited her to visit the Arabic church.  As usual, the answer was “Yes!  I would love to come.”  And, as usual, at the meeting time, she did not show up.  I called her again and because we’re from the same background, she was able to tell me why she didn’t come.  She shared with me, from her deep heart, that perhaps if she visited the church, when people there would see her hijab, they would reject her.  I encouraged her again to come.  She actually did!  She attended and at the end of the service she told me she was wrong—because she felt the love and acceptance from the people around her.  This encouraged her to come back.  Thankfully, her sons also loved being at the church.  They have kept begging her to bring them back to the church.  This gave her a big reason to keep returning.  With time, I was surprised at the end of each service how many questions she had.  This gave me the sense that she was really listening and gave more attention to the service than the rest of us there.  I encouraged her to read the Bible and I gave her a copy of the New Testament.  After a while, in one service, the speaker talked about John 1:12, “Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God”   At the end of the service this lady came and asked me, “What does THAT mean?  CHILDREN OF GOD?  Does that mean if I receive Him I can become a child of God?”  Because there wasn’t enough time to discuss this after the service, I arranged for her to meet me at the church when we had a couple of hours available to talk.  After we met, she made her decision.
Imagine with me, what this Muslim lady believed in heart after her family forced her to marry when she was 13 years old?  Of course, she believed she was a slave.  For this woman, she found out now that she can be God’s child?  Can you imagine the brightness in her eyes when she discovered this?  This is when she opened her heart to Jesus to become her Savior.
After she received Christ, The Lord did some special things in her life, one of which I would like to share at this time.  Her oldest son (14 yr) needs special dental work.  When she took him to the dentist, she was told it would cost $8,000.00.  None of this sum would be covered by AB Health or anyone else.  As a mother, she went home with heaviness about the price of the dental work.  With tears in her eyes, she cried out to the Lord Jesus and asked for His help.  After she prayed, she called the dental clinic and told them, “We don’t have money.  What do we have to do?”  The clinic then sent her to a place that could potentially help her.  She put her hand on her son’s head, and in her heart she prayed to the Lord to help her.  Her husband mocked her when he saw this.  He said, “In Islam, I never saw you pray to God once and now you’re calling God to help you?”  She answered, “I’m asking the TRUE God to help me—and He will.”  The next morning she brought her son to the office where they had to go.  She met with a female employee and explained her situation.  This employee left the office for a short time to make some phone calls.  When she returned she said they would give her 50% discount, so rather than paying 8,000.00 she would only have to pay 4,000.00.  This number was still so big for this refugee woman.  She begged the employee to help her saying, “Please.  That’s still a big number for me.  Can’t you help me more?”  The employee searched around and came back with great news:  “You will only have to pay 2,000.00!”  she said.  The Muslim background lady was so grateful and thanked the Lord, but she told the Lord that she still didn’t have the money!  While she was praying, the employee said, “Let me try one more thing…”  When she came back she said, “You will be getting 100% discount on this!”  The Muslim background lady was flabbergasted!  She called her husband immediately and said, “See!  I told you the True God would help us!”
Are we, as believers, missing something?  If these things are happening with Christians of Muslim background, why are we not practicing our faith and living like them?