A Northern Adventure: Meet The Swans

Steve Swan (and his wife Sarah) is the new Senior Pastor at Yellowknife Alliance Church.

Read more about their new adventure to the northernmost Alliance church in our District!





What was instrumental in bringing you to Yellowknife and our District?

What brought us to Yellowknife was that we felt God leading us into a big change.  Just how big, we couldn’t have guessed.

I had been pastoring a small non-denominational church in downtown Winnipeg since graduating seminary in 2008.  Sarah and I were open to going anywhere in Canada – anywhere that God would lead.  This made for a few exciting months as we reached out to a number of congregations.

Yellowknife Alliance was one of the first that we made contact with.  The people we met via Skype and phone calls impressed us with their warmth and their seriousness about God’s Word and prayer.  Yellowknife seemed so far away, but it also seemed a far more adventurous place to live.  Yellowknife began to take up more and more space in our thoughts and emotions, which we now know was the Holy Spirit speaking to us.

We prayed that God would lead us wherever He would.  And it became clear that He was leading us to what, I believe, is the northernmost Alliance church in Canada.


What are you looking forward to?

We are looking forward to learning what it’s like to live in the Northwest Territories.  A very beautiful and interesting place.  When we visited up there we found it to be very warm (the people not the weather)!

We’re looking forward to preaching the Gospel and serving the community of Yellowknife.

Moving to such a different place will also mean being a student as well as a teacher; I’m looking forward to learning about the North.


How is the moving process going so far?

Everything seems as though it is moving very fast as we prepare to head up North as early in the new year as we can.  Our house is on the market and we’re trusting God that it will be sold soon.  We’re getting rid of all our extra stuff and packing everything else up. Our girls won’t let us leave any pets behind so we’re heading up there with a cat, fish, and two guinea pigs.


Tell us a bit about your family

Sarah and I met way back when we were art students.  We went our separate ways after art school but our lives ran parallel for some time.  Sarah served as a paramedic in the Army.  I also was in the military for a while as a sailor in the Navy.  We married many years later after deciding that being friends just wasn’t enough.  Sarah home schools our two daughters, Nora and Lucy.  The girls love fostering animals from the humane society and making art.  Sarah works as a freelance writer and art critic, writing for a number of magazines.  We’ve got a house full of paintings and books.