A Look At Discipleship

To follow Jesus is to become a disciple.  Discipleship is learning to live trusting Jesus, imitating and adopting His ways in both attitude and action.


At Crosslife Church, our vision is: “Following Jesus together to bring glory to God.”

Following: In a world inundated with leadership resources, we’ve taken a step back and have primarily researched and dug into what it really means to be followers.

Glory to God: Understanding that the ultimate goal of discipleship is to bring glory to God, we recognize that it is the perfected work of Christ in us that achieves this outcome.


By positioning ourselves as followers, we find ourselves in a posture of surrender where we are open to and can celebrate the work only the Holy Spirit can accomplish in our lives.  All of our teaching and practices revolve around our discipleship pattern, including our administration and organizational structures.

In our community, we recognized immediately that we didn’t need to reinvent the wheel, so like many others; we have reviewed books and articles and have studied Scripture, focusing on the life of Jesus.

What we’ve come to realize is that there are five areas of discipleship in which Jesus calls us to follow Him: Up, In, Out, Justice and Compassion, and Multiply.


The basic breakdown of our discipleship comes from:

  • Up: Looking at the pattern of Jesus’ life, who related “up” to God the Father
  • In: With His disciples and
  • Out: To the world around Him.
  • Justice & Compassion: A significant portion of Jesus’ ministry includes healing and restoring the brokenness in our world
  • Multiply: Jesus prepared His disciples to go and make disciples.


The Impact Of Discipleship

This form of discipleship is more about apprenticeship and less about classroom. It begins before conversion – includes evangelism – and continues in relationships where we help to point the lives of the people we are around to the Cross. We are making a conscious shift within our church and community to be less about programmed ministry and walking people through a linear teaching process, but more about providing a way of life together.

Our home and personal lives have radically shifted because we can’t be disciples, and make disciples without having people in our lives in real time, doing “life on life”.  This requires a growing trust in Jesus who invites us to an increasing amount of inclusivity, flexibility, and vulnerability to be interrupted and surrounded by broken and messy people, of whom we are too. Discipleship has taught us about the presence of Christ in us and with us; it’s transforming the lives of our neighbors through us.



Chris & Rhea Logan are the church planters of Crosslife Church in the south of Edmonton.  Their church meets as home groups and serve the neighborhood together.

Learn more about Crosslife and their five areas of Discipleship.